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The Finest Finish

The Finest Finish provides a wide-range of professional cleaning services including corporate/office cleaning, foreclosed property cleaning, new construction cleaning, and renovation services.

The customer wanted to create a Web presence for the first time. I was provided with a brief description of the services they provide. I created a new company logo, selected the colors and stock photography to use on the site, designed the site layout and navigation, and wrote a large portion of the copy, emphasizing the customer's desire to expand into foreclosed property cleaning.

Home Page

The Home Page features a large image with a marketing message, and a table describing their services with links to inside pages with more detail.

The Finest Finish - Home

Inside Pages

Inside pages use topic-specific images, description of services, and a pull-out quote.

The Finest Finish - Inside

Live Site

To view this site live, visit The Finest Finish at: