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Library of Inspiration

The Library of Inspiration is a Web site that contains reflections about music, literature, and film that have provided inspiration to the contributors of the site.

I worked with the site's founder to design the site logo, layout, navigation, colors, and to select stock photography that is displayed prominently in the three major sections of the site: Music, Literature, and Film.

Home Page

The Library of Inspiration Home page features a series of photos that rotate each time the page is refreshed, links to the latest entries, and a flash movie that displays inspirational quotes.

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Section Pages

The three main section pages provide links to essays, grouped by decade. The decade link button is the cover of an important album/book/film of that time period.

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Essay Pages

Essay pages provide the text of the essay, the cover of the album/book/film, as well as links to other essays in that category.

Library of Inspiration - Music Review

Live Site

To view this site live, visit the Library of Inspiration at: