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Aggeus Healthcare Web Site

Aggeus Healthcare is a provider of on site medical and diagnostic services to the long-term care community residing in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, retirement homes, and CBRFs.

I was hired as a subcontractor to create an HTML template for this site. My work included designing the site layout, navigation, colors, fonts, and selecting stock photography. The client wanted a modern, European look that featured interesting photographic images.

I provided the HTML/CSS templates and images to the consulting firm that implemented the site using a content management system.

Home Page

For the Home page, I selected images to represent each of the 14 states in which Aggeus has facilities, and inserted Javascript to randomly display a different image each time the page is refreshed.

Aggeus Healthcare Home

Inside Pages

The inside pages use topic-specific images and easy-to-use subnavigation.

Aggeus Healthcare - Optometry

Live Site

To view this site live, visit Aggeus Healthcare at: